FLEK: Fisheries local ecological knowledge


The aim of the course is to familiar students with interdisciplinary approach to marine environment and fisheries management.

Within this course students will plan and analyse questionnaires for fishers to gain a better knowledge of local marine resources, as well as identify the most significant fishers problems and assess its causes. They will also learn how to explain the long term changes in marine environment, regarding fisheries but also climate change and evaluate possibilities for local ecosystem based fisheries management.

Hence, through the Fisheries local ecological knowledge (FLEK) course students will learn how to use and include fishers’ knowledge which is very important, especially in the countries where long period fisheries data are rare, for better management and sustainable fisheries in the Mediterranean region and broader.


The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund. The content of the website is the sole responsibility of the University of Zadar.