Analyses of Croatian Blue Economy Employees’ Needs conducted

With ongoing globalization, organizations are increasingly confronted with worldwide competition. In order to build and sustain their competitive advantage, the knowledge and expertise of an organization’s staff needs to be seen as a critical strategic resource.

One of the Blue Smart specific objectives is to create conditions for training of a  professionals equipped with the appropriate skills to match the needs of the blue sector industry through development of on-line Training Course „Introduction to sustainable fisheries practice“. In order to develop solid basis for the Blue Smart project’s training course, it was necessary to conduct a deeper analysis to obtain a clear insight into the needs of the employees and the current state of the blue economy in Croatia, especially in the Zadar County, the leading County in the blue economy sector. With this in mind, Agency for Rural Development of Zadar County (AGRRA) and Cromaris d.d., in cooperation with other project partners, has developed and conducted questionnaires among the small and medium enterprises managers and owners, as well as technical staff, staff from the business support organizations and students.

By analyzing the completed questionnaires, a Final Report of Blue Economy Employees’ Needs is drafted and will serve as a basis for the development of the training course, but also as a policy document to be distributed and promoted towards relevant vocational education and training providers.