Marine protected areas workshop in Poreč

On Tuesday, 20th of February 2018, in Valamar hotel Diamant, the workshop on marine protected areas issues was held. It was organized by Istarski škvoj fisheries local action group and Public Institution for advising in agriculture, rural development, fisheries and forestry. 

The workshop programme included overview of regulations related to marine protected areas, especially to Nature Protection Act and Marine Fisheries Act with belonging subordinate regulations. The lecture on legal framework in nature protection was held by Irina Zupan, Ph. D from Croatian Agency for the Environment and Nature, and the lecture on legal framework in fisheries was held by Josipa Runjak, Directorate of Fisheries.

After the lectures, the round table was organized with representatives of scientific institutions, public institutions for managing protected nature areas, non-governmental organizations and the economy sector. Some of the main conclusions are related to giving support to adoption of Ordinance on Fisheries Restricted Areas, to new additional penalty clauses to prevent, deter and eliminate illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing in marine protected areas by amendment of Marine Fisheries Act, and to improvement of supervision measures and capacity building for the supervision in marine protected areas.