Presentation of on-line course "Introduction to Sustainable Fisheries Practice"

On Tuesday, 27th of March 2018, the new on-line course "Introduction to Sustainable Fisheries Practice" was presented at the University of Zadar in Croatia. The course was developed as a part of the Blue Smart project.

This on-line course is intended for improvement of skills and competences of present and future blue economy employees, for easier professional retraining and for facilitating employment in related sectors. The course consists of five modules: 1. Fish Anatomy & Physiology, 2. Fish Health Protection, 3. Fish Feeding Practices, 4. Fish Farming Technology, 5. Fish Processing. A very important aspect of the course is following of sustainability principle as a pre-condition for stable fishery and aquaculture.

The authors of all five modules content are experts from Cromaris Company and the University of Zadar, while WWF Adria is responsible for sustainability aspect in fishery practice and aquaculture. In order to meet the real needs of the sector, Zadar County Rural Development Agency - AGRRA carried out the blue sector employee needs analysis in Croatia.

The current version of the course is still in testing phase and unavailable for the general public, but it will be functional by the end of October 2018.